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Are You Searching for the Average Roofing Cost in Palm Beach Gardens?

It can be very confusing to determine the cost of a new roof for your Palm Beach Gardens house, and we completely understand that replacing a roof is one of the costliest upgrades a homeowner can make, so we are here to help.

The cost of a new roof for your Palm Beach Gardens house is determined by a variety of factors, including your budget amount and the complexity of the job. At Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros, we provide roof installation and repair services for residential customers in the Palm Beach Gardens area. We realize that our customers have all sorts of different budgets and the desires they have for their new roof. We therefore work very close with our customers to identify what their roofing needs are, while we provide all of the information necessary to make an informed decision.

The national average expense for a new roof is around $7,000, but it can vary widely. The cost to reshingle a roof depends on a number of things such as roof size, geographic location, shingle material and other factors.

Roofing material is by far one of the largest expenses of a roof replacement. There are many grades and styles to pick from when choosing roofing materials. The most basic three tab shingle runs around $150 – $200 per sq., but you always get what you pay for. These asphalt shingles do not meet the minimum building codes of many municipalities around the US. Because these shingles are usually very thin, they tend to be highly susceptible to wind-damage.

Here are some other variables that will impact the cost of a new roof for your Palm Beach Gardens house. Roof complexity is a major consideration. Complex roofs with high pitches and numerous of angles often require additional roofing materials and installation skills on the part of the roofing contractor. Also, ventilation, flashing, chimneys, and skylights are something else to think about when it comes to determining the cost of a new roof. These features require more roofing labor which increases costs. Accessibility is equally important. If the roofing contractor can park a dump truck close to your roof, it will reduce the cost of tear off, however, if the old roofing material has to be carried some distance to the dump truck, this will add to the cost.

How is the Price of Roofing Materials Estimated for My Roof Replacement?

When calculating the expense of a new roof in Palm Beach Gardens, use the dimensions of your roof and divide by 100 to estimate the number of roofing squares that will be needed for your job Finally, multiply the number of squares required by the per square price of the roofing material. Thus, if the roofing material you have chosen is $325 per square and you need 16 squares of roofing material, the cost would be $5,200 for the roofing materials for your new roof.

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Is There a Difference Between Reroofing and Roof Replacement?

The word re-roof is sometimes used interchangeably and can have different meanings. Many people use reroof to describe installing a new roof over an existing layer of shingles and others use the term to mean a total roof replacement.

What Does Roof Replacement Mean?

Roof replacement is the term used when a roofing contractor completely tears of all of the old roofing materials down to the underlayment. Though this option is more costly, it is preferred because the roofers are able to check out the underlayment and make any necessary repairs from water damage and leaks to ensure that the new roofing will be installed on a strong foundation.

What Does the Term Reroofing Mean?

The term reroofing describes the process of installing a new shingle roof over the top of an existing layer of shingles. It is important to note that this can only be done if there is one previous layer of shingles and the shingles are in good condition with no serious problems. Because re-roofing doesn’t require extensive labor, materials, or time, it is a less costly way to repair your roofing. Although re-roofing is the fastest and least costly way to restore your roof’s appearance, problems can arise that can lead to serious damage to your house as the roofing ages.

If the existing roof is old and the shingles are cracked, cupped, or damaged, it is definitely not a good idea to re-roof. Reroofing over a faulty roof can cause issues down the road with leaks and unseen damage resulting in costly repairs.

Is Roof Replacement the Best Option for My Palm Beach Gardens House?

A total roof replacement is always the best choice to make sure that your new roofing will have a long life requiring very little maintenance. Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros can assist you with roof replacement for your Palm Beach Gardens house. Our pro roofers will completely remove your current roofing, examine the underlayment, make any necessary repairs, and install the new shingles over a solid base to ensure a longlife for your new roof. We will also address any ventilation problems to so your roof has adequate ventilation.

Which Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Company Can I Call for Help with Roof Replacement for My House

If you want to have Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros provide a free roof inspection and roofing estimate for your Palm Beach Gardens house, contact us today at (561) 220-3213, and we will schedule a time for one of our roofing experts to visit your home. Our goal is to finish your new roof replacement quickly and affordably causing as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

Roofing FAQs

A standard roof tear off and roof replacement can occur in as little as a single day depending on the size of your roof and the particular roofing crew that is working on your roofing job. On a nice, clear summer day, a crew of five – six pro roofers can tear off and install a 40 square shingle roof.

If you are getting ready to buy a house that is in need of a new roof, you may want to negotiate with the seller for a reduced price that will cover the expense of a new roof. If the seller will not consent, attempt to arrange for a partial reduction to help offset the expense of a new roof. One final option is to request that the seller have a roof replacement on the house and include the expense to the purchase price. This way you will not have to come out of pocket for the expense.

Whether or not a 50 year roof is worth it is a reasonable question to ask. In virtually every instance, the additional expense of 50 year shingles is not worth the money as it will not increase the resale value of your Palm Beach Gardens house over a typical 25 or 30 year shingle roof.

It is possible to install a new layer of shingles over an existing layer. However, you cannot install more than a one layer of shingles over an existing layer of shingles without a total tear off. Unfortunately, you can’t reroof over wooden shakes or slate tiles. Lastly, the existing shingle roofing needs to be in pretty good condition or it can make the new roof unstable.

If your roof has been damaged by a storm, it is likely that your homeowner’s policy will help pay for a new roof installation. However, a homeowner’s insurance policy will not pay to replace or repair a roof that is worn out through normal wear and tear or age.

The average cost of a new roof is around $7,000 with most Palm Beach Gardens homeowners spending between $5,000 and $10,000 for a roof replacement. The cost for roof installation range between $400 to $550 per roofing square depending on difficulty of installation, roof size, and choice of roofing materials.
Homeowner’s insurance usually will cover damage like wind, hail, a falling tree, or fire damage.

Having a roof replacement is no small expense, and unfortunately, most homeowners are not ready to pay $5,000 to $10,000 for a new roof. Most roofing companies have some sort of financing option that you may ask about. You might also consider are getting a personal loan from your bank, taking out a home-equity line of credit, or even getting a no-interest credit card offer.

Failing to take proper care of your roof can cause serious water damage to your house, and can end up costing much more than the expense of roof repair or replacement. It is important to have routine roof inspections and appropriate maintenance to ensure that you get the maximum life from your roof.

The life expectancy of a normal shingle roof is around 20 – 25 years. Other things such as the roof being properly ventilated and whether the old roofing material was removed prior to installing the new roof also have a bearing on the life of your roof.

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