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If you are looking for the top roofing contractor in the Lake Rogers Isle area, look no further than Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros! Contact us now for a No Cost Quote on your roofing project.

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Without a doubt the unsung hero of your residence is the roof that protects you and your family, and when the time comes to find a Lake Rogers Isle roofing contractor to take care of roof repairs or a total roof installation, look no further than Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros.

Regardless of whether your roof is old and needs to be replaced or you have a minor roof leak that needs to be repaired, our professional roofers are ready to help. Contact us at (561) 220-3213 to schedule a time for a free roof inspection and estimation for any roof work that is required.

You can rely on Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros for quality roofing work that is completely guaranteed. We are licensed, locally owned and operated, we use only premium roofing materials, provide free quotes and have roof maintenance programs available. Contact us now, at (561) 220-3213, to learn how Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros can help you with your roof.

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Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros - The local roofers you can count on to keep your roof well-maintained!
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Roof Repair Service

Has your roof sustained damage from a hail storm? Does your roof have a leak that needs to be fixed? Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros can help with roofing repair for your home. Contact us today and we’ll dispatch one of our professional roofers to handle your roof repair fast and economically.

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Reroofing Service

Is the roofing on your Lake Rogers Isle house old and in need of replacement? An option to consider is reroofing. Let us send one of our roofing professionals over for a free roof inspection and a no-obligation quotation for reroofing your Lake Rogers Isle residence. Contact us now!
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Roof Install Lake Rogers Isle

Is the roofing on your home worn and damaged? A new roof install may be the answer. If you think that you need a new roof for your residence, you need to make sure you contact Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros.
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Metal Roofing Company

A new metal roof could be a smart option for your Lake Rogers Isle residence. Not only is metal roofing aesthetically pleasing, but it adds value and curb appeal to your house while having a fifty year plus life expectancy requiring very little maintenance. To discover more about how metal roofing can enhance the aesthetics and value of your house, contact us now!

Why Should I Use Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros for My Roofing Project?

No matter what the look of your home or sort of roof, there will come a time when a repair, upgrade, or replacement becomes necessary, and it is important for you to find a roofing contractor that will deliver exemplary service and a high-level of satisfaction.

We will not only help you with the process of determining whether you must replace or fix your current roof covering, but we’ll also help you make important decisions about roofing material options while staying within the confines of your budget.

As soon as you’ve made all the significant choices pertaining to your roof project, then we will work with you to schedule the roofing work and also discuss the procedure from beginning to end so you are completely clear on what to anticipate.

Great project management is essential and this means we will keep an organized schedule that makes sense, taking care to see that the jobsite is well maintained from the start to its completion of the project. Getting approval from the town is also important to ensure that all essential permits are properly secured in addition to any required inspections to make sure that your roofing project is completed correctly.

The cost of a brand-new roofing system is no small expense, so you need to make sure that you are doing business with a trustworthy professional roofer that understands your roof project along with your budget constraints while offering you the quality roofing repair service or roofing replacement you deserve. For a no-hassle free roof estimate, contact us now at (561) 220-3213.

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Evidence That You Need New Roofing?

Has a storm damaged your roof? Bad weather can punish your roof. Significant rainfall and hail storms can create major problems for your roofing. If you notice torn or missing asphalt roof shingles or hail damage to a steel roof, it is prudent to call a dependable Lake Rogers Isle roofing contractor to examine the damages to your roof.

Does your roof have missing or torn shingles? If you are able to observe shingles on your roof that are torn or missing completely, you can be sure that your present roof is in need of replacement and you should give us a call for a new roof estimate for your Lake Rogers Isle house.

Can you observe that the asphalt shingles on your roof are cupped or curled? If your roof shingles are damaged and not flat on the roof, and you are able to observe curled edges across the roof itself, this is a sure indicator that your roofing has outlived its useful life. Hence, it is time for a new roof installation to ensure that your Lake Rogers Isle house is properly protected.

A final thing to consider when deciding if you need new roofing is to take into account how long you intend to live in your current Lake Rogers Isle house. If selling the property is in the works and the roof is in generally good condition, then choosing to go for roofing repairs rather than an entire reroof could be a smart option.

Which Lake Rogers Isle Roofer Should I Contact for a Free Roofing Estimate?

If you’re searching for a top-rated Lake Rogers Isle roofer, then Palm Beach Gardens Roofing Pros is the company to contact!

We have an expert team of pro roofers that are standing by to help with anything from a simple roof repair to a total roof replacement. From start to finish, our experienced roofers can get the work done professionally and efficiently.

To receive a no cost roofing estimate for your house be sure to contact us today. We will dispatch one of our roofing experts to come provide a roof inspection and a no obligation estimate. Call us today at (561) 220-3213.

Roofing FAQs

One of the most popular roofing materials used on homes across the country is asphalt shingles. Shingles are relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install. Regular shingles are the likely choice for most homes in the Lake Rogers Isle area. In comparison to to other roofing materials like cedar, slate, tile, or metal, asphalt shingles provide a nice looking roof at an economical price that will fit in virtually any homeowner’s budget.

Most homeowners in the Lake Rogers Isle area, should expect to pay in the range of $300 – $1,000 for roofing repairs, with the average cost somewhere around $500 – $600 per roofing job. Roof leak repair is the most common repair job and usually includes sealing the leak and the replacement of damaged or missing shingles. A small roof repair involving the repair of a few shingles may cost as little as $150.00.

All things have a lifespan, and a roof is no exception. The average life-expectancy of a shingle roof is approximately 20 years. Extreme weather conditions like hail, snow, and hurricanes can drastically lessen the lifespan of a roof. Shingle roofs can begin to break down as they age resulting in cracking, curling, and granule loss, all of which can lead to roof leaks. In order to prevent major damage to your Lake Rogers Isle home, it’s prudent to replace your roof before it starts to show serious signs of age.

The average cost for roof replacement for an asphalt shingle roof is anywhere between $6,000 to $10,000 for a 1,500 sq. ft. house, in the Lake Rogers Isle area. The price depends on the size of your roof, pitch, and slope, the the quality of asphalt shingles you choose, as well as special features like a chimney or skylights.

Some of the most widely used and longest lasting roofing materials include slate tiles, clay tiles, and concrete tiles. In fact, these roofing materials last longer than manufactured roofing materials such as metal roofing or asphalt shingles or other natural materials like wood shakes. To find out if one of these long-lasting roofing materials might be a good fit for your house, contact us today at (561) 220-3213.

Copper, tile, and slate roofs can last in excess of fifty years. Wooden shake roofs last around 30 years, while fiber cement shingles have a life-expectancy of approximately 25 years, and asphalt shingle roofs having the shortest life-expectancy at around 20 years.

Metal roofing is a better roofing option for your house because it’s not only beautiful, but metal roofing will last two to three times longer than an asphalt shingle, and metal roofing is more energy efficient and can help reduce your energy bills. Another positive of metal roofing is that it is made mostly from recycled materials, plus metal roofing can be recycled over and over. To learn more about the advantages of metal roofing for your Lake Rogers Isle house, contact us now at (561) 220-3213.

Asphalt shingles are the least expensive roofing material available. For homeowners with budget constraints, asphalt shingles are an excellent choice. Homeowners also have numerous styles and colors from which to choose when it comes to asphalt shingles.

The roof on your Lake Rogers Isle house is no small expense, and many homeowners find it difficult to afford a new roof installation. If you are looking for ways to pay for a roof replacement, here are some you may want to consider. Home equity lines of credit are another way to get the cash to cover the cost of a roof replacement for your house, or you can refinance your house and pull out money to pay for a new roof. Financing is available from most Lake Rogers Isle roofing companies. If your roof has sustained storm damage, your insurance company may help you in paying for a new roof for your house.

Light colored roofing material is typically cooler and more energy efficient than typical dark asphalt shingles due to the fact that they reflect light and heat rather than absorbing it. Metal roofing is also cooler than conventional shingle roofs because a metal roof reflects heat and light.

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